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from mississippi to georgia could see a wintry mix over the next 24 hours. officials already warning drivers to take it easy on the roads after freezing rain and sleet formed ice on roadways and places like memphis, tennessee. several inches of snow also piling up in some parts of the northeast today. but folks there might be used to that sort of weather in january. it is a different story down in dixie. chief meteorologist rick reichmuth with the first alert forecast for them and all of us in our extreme weather center. rick, hello. >> very cold down across parts of the the south. so much of the eastern part of the country has been so warm for the last few days. this is the last little pocket of that warmth from around atlanta down through florida. temps still looking good. back behind this very very cold air. that's where we have been seeing these storms stalled frontal boundary and impulses move along it freezing rain yesterday. that freezing rain down across the south brought snow today in across parts of the northeast. and we're still going to deal with the tail end of this acro
ite sale. said to be linked to one death already to the state of mississippi. highway patrol says a man died when his car hit a downed tree on highway 50. some parts of that state seeing up to four inches of snow today. alabama, hit georgia as well. of course folks in the south do not see that kind of weather very offensive. the storm follows days of heavy rain across much the area. as the system moves north towards washington, d.c. officials warn that wintry mix could trigger flooding up to a foot of snow in some areas. nic gregory fox five in new york tonight. hey, nick. >> hello bill, that storm is on track to do just that produce some heavy snow. it's doing it as you move through parts of carolina western carolina into southern western sections of virginia. some very heavy snows breaking out across that area now. the storm itself kind of swirling from north georgia and eventually kicking moving off to the south and east. no snow really for the atlanta area. the north georgia mountains will pick up some much the rain in some areas will change to snow as we talk about the northe
from mississippi. she will do a dry run next week so doctors can make sure she is ready. robin roberts has already survived breast cancer. you go, robin. before we go our team stops by number 5 britain's royal baby is due in july. that's the word from prince william ace office which has rumors kate and william are having twins. they are not. demolition crews tore down the apartment where lee harvey oswald lived. number 3 kim jim you think crimes against humanity say little has changed there. number 2 president obama telling congress to raise the debt
republicans like senator robert wicker of mississippi say they think this is a victory that is going to put a halt to some of those decisions. take a listen. it's a huge, massive overstep of executive power an unconstitutional power grab. i'm relieved but not surprised that the appeals court would rule in our favor. >> senator wicker there talking to fox news radio. also, republicans noting that richard cordray who runs that consumer protection agency as the president set up because also, he got a recess appointment on jennifer fourth of 2012 as well. they think they are going to get some sort of precedent to try to stop him as well. we will see, shep. >> shepard: republicans are aware george w. bush did it this too. >> he actually did it far more than president obama. who has only used this kind of recess appointment less than 30 times in 40 years. george w. bush used it 141 times over the course of two terms 8 years. that's why jay carney said that this is going to be overturned eventually whether it's by the supreme court. take a listen. >> we respectfully but strongly disagree with this
across the mississippi river valley. including these cities and states. and then, of course, we have that slight risk that extends from the gulf coast all the way up to the ohio river valley. we could see a severe weather outbreak in january this time tomorrow evening. stay with us, more fox report just ahead. >> shepard: couple of wild crashes caught on video. first an 18-wheeler nearly crush as guy on a motorbike. look at this. it happened in eastern china. can you see the guy sitting in the crosswalk there the truck tries to make that left turn but didn't quite do it. the bike rider hopped off before the big rig crashed into his motorcycle. meanwhile nobody hurt. crazy scene on the slopes when a snowmobile crashed right into a crowd it happened at espn's x games in colorado. the rider is fine. can you see the snowmobile or snow machine took off towards the specs tators and eventually plow right into the fence. the rider reportedly only had four hours experience on a snowmobile. great on something else but not on this. he apparently wasn't wearing a safety cord which would have shu
Search Results 0 to 7 of about 8 (some duplicates have been removed)